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A bit of homegrown history

Our company was founded in 1967.  We started out with a Wild West theme, hence the name Beefaroo.  Our menu mainstay was freshly cooked and sliced to order hot beef sandwiches.  A lot has changed in almost 50 years.  While we still are a Northern Illinois based company, we have an extensive menu with standout salads, crispy fries and onion rings, and our very famous cheddar fries.  Of course, we still have our signature roast beef!  In a world of fine fast food, we think we stand out-from our enticing vegetarian items to our meal ending “mint” delivery!

If you are looking to add Beefaroo as a corporate caterer or to help with your next family or social event, please contact us.  Catering is delivered in our clean and speedy vans!

We are glad you have visited us on the web.  We invite you  to join us in person next time you are in the Rockford region!  If you need to take home a souvenir of your visit, or send a gift, consider looking at our merchandise page for available gear!  Unfortunately, we can’t mail Cheddar Fries!

Contact us

Phone: (815) 637-1008
Email: info@beefaroo.com

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